Babesta Online :: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):
Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ):

Q:  General

  1. How do you pronouce Babesta
  2. What are your store locations
  3. Kids Shoe size chart
  4. Why do we charge $3 for gift wrapping

Q:  Ordering

  1. Can I order via the phone
  2. What type of payment does Babesta accept
  3. How can I track my order
  4. Is Babesta secure
  5. Do you charge sales tax
  6. Do I get a progress status on my order
  7. What do I do if my form of payment fails/denied/declined
  8. Does Babesta Ship International
  9. What does Free Shipping mean?
  10. Can I use my in store gift card to buy on the website?

Q:  Returns

  1. What is your online return policy
  2. How do I return something bought online



A:  General

How do you pronouce Babesta

The name of the company is pronounced: Babe sta. You can also hear it said here

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What are your store locations

Follow this link for our store locations and store hours.

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Kids Shoe size chart

Follow this linkfor our kids shoe size chart.

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Why do we charge $3 for gift wrapping

We charge $3 to cover the shipping costs associated with the extra weight of the box and wrapping paper.

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A:  Ordering

Can I order via the phone

Yes you can.  Please call us at +1 (646) 290-5508 or +1 (877) 266-0420 from 10am to 8pm EST.
Please have the item(s) name, number (or SKU), style or size available so that we can ensure the accuracy of your order.

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What type of payment does Babesta accept

We accept all major credit cards, including Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express.  We also accept Paypal.

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How can I track my order

If you signed up to be a Babesta member, then you can log into your account (Log in Here) and see an update status of your order.  If you have not signed up, you first should have received an email confirming your order, and then separately you will be receiving an email once it is shipped.   

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Is Babesta secure

Babesta is secure.  We use Comodo SSL to secure all of our financial transactions.  We also have daily scans done by VeriSign.

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Do you charge sales tax

We are a New York based company.  As such we do charge New York Sales tax on all items shipping to New York.  

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Do I get a progress status on my order

For all online orders, you will first be receiving an email confirming your order.  All orders are shipped within 1-2 days of receipt unless they are custom made, custom ordered, on back order or are out of stock.  Once the item has been shipped a separate email will be sent with the tracking number.  Once all items on your order have been shipped, the order status will be changed to Complete.

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What do I do if my form of payment fails/denied/declined

If you feel that this is an error, please call us at +1(646) 290-5508 and will gladly take your order as a phone order.  If you are using paypal, we will not be able to do so as you will need to log into your account to complete the transaction.  If you are using a credit card and your bank refuses the transaction, we attempt to work with you and the bank to clear any potential blocks.

If your card is declined because of insufficient funds, please replenish your account then re attempt to place your order.  Unfortunately we do not accept checks.

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Does Babesta Ship International

Babesta does ship internationally on most items. Some of the larger items such as furniture may require special service and possibly extra shipping costs beyond what the shopping cart may calculate. If that is the case, a Babesta representative will be contacting you with further information. You will have the choice to proceed or cancel your order without any penalty.

Some items are for the US market only and we would not be allowed to ship internationally. If an order is placed for such an item, we will contact you about it.

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What does Free Shipping mean?

Babesta at times may have a free shipping promotion. Free shipping is generally for clothes, toys and accessories. If you chose to accept free shipping, Babesta will ship your order the most economical way. Free shipping does NOT apply to international orders. If the website, somehow allows you to check out for an international order with free shipping, we reserve the right to cancel your order.

Some items do not benefit from free shipping such as furniture, but if the promo does include some brand of furniture, then the delivery is curb side delivery only. That means you need to make the arrangements to pick the piece of furniture off the truck. We offer inside delivery and white glove services otherwise.

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Can I use my in store gift card to buy on the website?

It is currently not possible to use your in store gift card to make a purchase on our website. Only gift certificates can be used online. Please call one of our stores and we will happily take your order by phone. Our number is +1 646 290-5508.

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 Q:  Returns

What is your online return policy

You have 10 days to return your item. If you return after the 10 days are up but less than 30 days, we will offer you a Store Credit equal to the purchase price minus the shipping cost.

Store credit will be issued in the form of a Gift Certificate that can be redeemed online or in store.  If you decide to redeem it at one of our stores (either by phone or in person),  please have the certificate number handy or printed.

 Please check our terms and Conditions for further details.  Not all items are returnable.

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How do I return something bought online

Please follow the below steps

1. Select Orders history from Your cart menu.

2. Search for the order you would like to create a return request for.

3. Click on its number or status, and the Order details page opens.

4. Scroll down to the Create return request form.

Note. You can create return requests only for products that are both returnable and the return time has not expired. If you do not see the Create return request form on the Order details page, the creation of the return request is impossible. It means that either the return time of the products in your order has expired or the type of item is non-returnable.  Please call us if you feel this is an error + 1 (646) 290-5508.

5. Set the amount of the product(s) you want to return.

6. Select the reason for returning.

7. Select the action you would like Babesta to do for you.

8. Leave your comments, if necessary.

9. Click on Create

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