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The Pixies CD
The Pixies CDThe Pixies CD
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Rockabye Baby

The Pixies CD

Try this disc and spin it. A band of misfits who can’t decide what they want to be. Are they punks or pop stars? Are they going to sing in English or Spanish? And is it the boy’s or the girl’s turn to sing? Whatever the formula, Pixies made it work. Their unrestrained sound and wildest anthems have been transformed into blissful lullabies that will rock your little pixie to sleep.

  1. Debaser 
  2. Where Is My Mind?  
  3. Monkey Gone to Heaven  
  4. Caribou  
  5. Velouria  
  6. Ana  
  7. Here Comes Your Man  
  8. Alec Eiffel  
  9. La La Love You  
  10. Gigantic  
  11. Wave of Mutilation  
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  • Designer Bio
Rockabye Baby! is staffed by music lovers from all corners of the world. Headquartered in the Los Angeles neighborhood of Silver Lake, the label was born of the need to make children's music cool--not only for babies but for their parents too. We turned to our record collections for inspiration: punk, metal, classic rock. The resulting albums are revolutionary yet reverential. In other words, the perfect gift for a newborn, new parents, or yourself.

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