"It's all about the edit," according to Sharon Lowenheim. Check out the secrets of an 'organizing goddess' & Babesta's picks for organized parents & happy (occupied) kids!

Congratulations -- your family is growing! Unfortunately, your NYC apartment is not. If you’re like most parents, you’ll find yourself wondering, “Why does such a little bundle of joy have such a big bundle of STUFF??? And where will I put it all?” The crib, the changing table, the stroller, the car seat, the bottles, the diapers, the ointments, the toys, the books, the baby swing . . . it’s no wonder that your already small home has as much elbow room as an airplane lavatory! Stay calm, and follow these tips from the Organizing Goddess to prevent baby’s paraphernalia from taking over your home . . . and your sanity.

• Find a section of your home that will be devoted exclusively to your baby’s things. If baby does not have his or her own bedroom, then select a section of another room to contain all of the baby stuff. This will enable you to have separate grownup areas.

• Think vertically like the skyscrapers. Buy tall storage units that maximize space. Don’t worry about baby not being able to reach everything. When baby starts to crawl, you’ll be glad that there are high places to keep certain things out of reach.

Oeuf Vertical Mini Library

• Organize your baby supplies by keeping similar things together. This will enable you to know exactly what you have so that you only buy replacements when you need them. • Don’t be overly sentimental about gifts. If you don’t like a gift, return it or re-gift it. You don’t have room to keep things you don’t like! • If you are saving baby’s things for his or her future siblings, pack them away in clear plastic boxes that are clearly marked with the appropriate age range.

• If you are saving baby’s outgrown clothes and toys to pass on to someone else, hand them over at frequent intervals to avoid them taking up much needed space. Be sure to toss extremely soiled items rather than handing them down. 

Sharon Lowenheim http://organizinggoddess.com/


Bugaboo Smartphone Holder

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