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  1. Art Aficianados Cheer! Warhol for Bugaboo is finally here! (almost)

    [caption id="attachment_820" align="alignleft" width="233"]Marilyn Monroe at MOMA Andy Warhol, at MOMA Andy Warhol, at MOMA[/caption] For the guy that brought us Campbell’s soup cans galore and graphic Marilyn prints, comes the newest Bugaboo limited edition canopy sets. We love the giant flower prints –they’re strong, bright and cool at the same time. Babesta was selected as one of a limited group of retailers selling these special sets, perfect for the Bee, Cameleon 3 and Donkey. Just like all limited edition Bugaboo canopies, if you love them, snap them up, as they won’t be around forever! Meet ya at the MOMA. Order your Warhol Bugaboo here! Bugaboo Bee sun canopy, Warhol Limited Edition available at Babesta We expect these in mid-May and are taking pre-orders now. Canopy sets are $199.00 (Cameleon, Donkey) and $149 (Bee), Parasol $69.

    Bugaboo Donkey Warhol Limited Edition tailored fabric at Babesta
    [caption id="attachment_822" align="alignleft" width="240"]Bugaboo Donkey Warhol Limited Edition tailored fabric at Babesta Cameleon Tailored Fabric Set, Warhol Limited Edition at Babesta Cameleon Tailored Fabric Set, Warhol Limited Edition at Babesta[/caption]
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  2. Let it Rain! Rain Room at the MOMA is on my list!

    So I was just chatting with my daughter about what she was planning to make for her science project (she's studying inventors & inventions). She was describing a personalized weather machine she was seriously considering (biting off a bigger meatball than I would do!) and I asked her who would choose rain? She countered: think of the pairings - I want sun, you want rain, together: Rainbow!  Touché: it's "you've got your chocolate in my peanut butter" thinking. Better together. Pondering how we would create such a thing, I stumbled upon the MOMA's new exhibit Rain Room that begins May 12. While I doubt we will be busy at home tinkering with some GPS based weather contraption, (what I wouldn't give today for some yesterday-like weather), we will definitely wait in line to check it out next week at the MOMA. The room is designed by Random International, and it's taking place in a lot next to the museum. Basically it's pouring, but when it detects you, the rain opens up to let you by, giving you the feeling of 'controlling the weather'. Sounds super fun! [caption id="attachment_814" align="aligncenter" width="193"]Moma exhibit by Random International, "Rain Room" (2012) starting May 12, 2013 in NYC Moma exhibit by Random International, "Rain Room" (2012) starting May 12, 2013 in NYC[/caption]

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  3. Rosie's Theater Kids Rocked the Stage at Passing it On

    So last night I went to the Passing it On event, the annual show by Rosie's Theater Kids. I am so blown away by these folks--making such a huge difference in the lives of kids in the city. Even more blown away by the kids themselves--amazing. One group sang "You Gotta Have Heart" with Rosie herself, and other amazing numbers were choreographed and directed by people like BD Wong ("M. Butterfly/Law & Order SVU") and John Tartaglia (Avenue Q). It was a wonderful event by an organization that addresses a big problem:  anyone with a kid in the public school system knows, when money's tight, the Arts are always the first in line to be cut. Enter this organization which provides free regular classes in performing  to some of the most in-need public schools and then offer after school and summer programs to kids who audition and get chosen. Participation is based on passion and need over talent. Not only giving access to a talented panel of te

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  4. Chatting about Kids' Fashion with Florence from Pirouette Blog

    Honored to be interviewed by one of my favorite bloggers in kids' fashion! Here's the link : pirouette blog 4.23  

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  5. Decisions, Decisions: Snacktime at Babesta

    There's something about this photo-realistic printed shirt that makes me think it would be a hit in children's. I just can't quite put my finger on it. . . Via [caption id="attachment_802" align="aligncenter" width="297"]pick-a-snack pick-a-snack[/caption]

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  6. New Office for Babesta

    We're pretty excited at Babesta as we are starting to settle into our new office! There are desks, new flor tiles, orange and grey paper storage/filing bins and even an architectural archway that has been painted underneath with totally groovy dry-erase paint. It's still a bit of a work in progress but we're nearly there! A tiny peek: More pictures coming soon! Babesta dry erase babesta file folders

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  7. Super Cute Clogs, New at Babesta

    I'm totally psyched to have Tannhauser in the house! These awesome grey and neon green clogs had me doing backflips when I first saw them. I remember having clogs as a kid - there is just something about the retro slip on that rocks & with the day glo detailing, well, we're sold. Dig em? Come in to see 'if the shoe fits...' These will start in the store before they hit our site, so either pop in or give us a buzz if you can't live without! 212 608 4522 / Babesta 66 West Broadway NYC. [caption id="attachment_789" align="aligncenter" width="300"]The coolest kicks on the block The coolest kicks on the block[/caption] the fabulous

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  8. Super-Cool Exhibit: Claes Oldenburg at the MOMA

    I was pretty psyched this past weekend to bring the girls to the Claes Oldenburg exhibit at the MOMA. After a failed attempt at culture at the New Museum (the 90s exhibit is interesting, but definitely, definitely not for kids), we made a plan for the MOMA (with my older grinning, “Are you sure it’s going to be appropriate, mom?”). We started on the 2nd floor with the Mouse Museum and Ray Gun Wing. Big black distorted Mickey silhouette shaped mouse walk-in traps housed a combo of knick knacks and art experiments, blurring the line between art and tchotchkes. The second “trap”, Ray Gun featured 253 “ray guns” fashioned from combs, water guns and even bent nails that replicated the basic shape. The girls loved both for their cave-like appeal and the unexpected every-day objects and foodstuffs within. Then we moved to the 6th floor and checked out “Street” and “Store,” Oldenburg’s other two collections. It’s pretty cool that the artist ran a LES “store” in the early 70’s that sold these art pieces that mimicked comestibles and clothing and storefront fare. Most memorable of course are the slightly deflated bean-baggish hamburger and ice cream cone. I recalled the Whitney Museum a few years ago, which also showed this artist, where I had to grab my little one and carry her out of the room as flailing for the giant “art” French fries.  Now old enough to keep presence of mind while face to face with giant hamburgers, I assured them that their compulsions were very normal—surely everyone in the room, me included, desperately wanted to sink into the burger like the world’s most comfy chair. [caption id="attachment_781" align="aligncenter" width="500"]A little bit of yummy culture at the MOMA A little bit of yummy culture at the MOMA[/caption] But resisting the call of food was short lived, and we soon found ourselves at the street hot dog vendor outside before heading home.

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  9. Rock on, WSJ

    As a former metal head (if you blur the line at Bon Jovi, Poison and Cinderella), I got a kick out of today’s culture spotlight on the front page of the WSJ. I guess it makes sense, as there are experts on everything, but there is something so compelling about the academic pursuit of heavy metal, and scholarly works about GWAR’s social context and significance. My heavy metal days, big hair and big crush on Axl Rose are behind me, unless and until, that is, I head to karaoke, where it all comes tumbling back like a badge of head-banging honor. Check out the article here:  [caption id="attachment_777" align="aligncenter" width="300"]Babesta Rock Hand One Piece
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  10. Reliving the 80s on NatGeo

    I've been watching the 80s on Nat Geo this week, with the girls. They loved to see the beginnings of Apple, and Steve Jobs’ vision in the early days (Funny that this is what they connect with!). I was moved by the Russian/U.S. “Miracle on Ice” and was stoked to watch the early days of Tony Hawk and the start of a skateboarding revolution. The 80s is definitely “my decade” –the one that influenced me the most for better & for worse :) . It occurred to me as I was watching, that I haven’t introduced A&C to the movies of the time. This week, my goal is to snap up Back to the Future and E.T., two of my absolute faves. I wonder how they’ll like them or if they’ll stack up to today's blockbusters. Who can argue with a cell phone the size of a handbag and an alien who craves Reeses Pieces? Ready to step back in time?: here's the lineup - and the site is full of 80s gems! [caption id="attachment_786" align="aligncente

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