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  1. Last Minute Labor Day Ideas You Don't Have to Labor Over

    How about a Stay-cation?

    staycation What a great opportunity to spend some family time at a beach that's only a subway ride away! Here are some of the best beaches that New York has to offer: Coney Island! It's so much more than a beach, check out the amusement park rides, carnival games, food, and so much more to explore. And to top it all off, Labor Day weekend is the last fireworks display of the summer! What a great way to end a day on the beach. Orchard Beach! As the only public beach in the Bronx, this beach spans for 1.1 miles of glorious sand. Its the perfect location for a family picnic and any activity you can imagine in one of the 26 sporting
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  2. Get a Leg Up on Fall with Hansel from Basel

    We love graphic prints for this season, but we mostly find them on tops and sweaters.  Well, that just makes us all the more excited to announce our tights for this fall from Hansel from Basel!  We've got something for every attitude... Brown Polkadot Green Kneepad Funky, earthy, attention-grabbing patterns and colors are definitely a trend to watch this season, and these tights are perfectly on trend.  I think these would go perfectly with Bobo Chos

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  3. Thanks, Red Tricycle for Naming Us on their list "Best Baby Boutiques Worth Leaving Your Neighborhood For!"

    Babesta In the News:We were so psyched when we learned that our pals at Red Tricycle had chosen us on their list of 6 baby boutiques worth leaving your neighborhood for! We try to whip up a product mix that you won't find anywhere else, full of some of the coolest nursery furniture, best cribs, best strollers, best carriers, and coolest baby gifts & toys out there. Not to mention the most unique baby clothes with indie spirit and edgy attitude!  Read their post here! Babesta cribz
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  4. Meet Babesta Beat, the new Babesta Magazine!

    We are so excited about our new Babesta Beat magazine! It features some of our favorite things from Fall - from new fashions, funky furniture, cool gifts, hot wheels and more! Babesta Beat Newsletter Shop the new Babesta Beat catalog! You can shop online (all items click through to the site), shop in store or call in at (646) 290-5508. And tell us how you like it! We've been sweating all summer over this & we'd love to get your feedback! xo Babesta!

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  5. We're favoriting fall! It's our favorite season of the year!

    We've been getting our fall goods in the store, dressing the table, dressing the ugly dolls, bidding adieu to swimsuits and saying hello to sweaters! Here is a quick look at Threads featuring the first of Fall 2013. table kid view table view table kid view 2

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  6. Babesta Thumbs Up: Zombie Baby Costume Kickstarter Project!

    I'm always paging through Kickstarter to find what cool ideas are out there. The last one we supported was Pool+, which met its funding requirements - the project was to build a floating swimming pool in the East River. (Tres cool, New Yorkers!) This one is of a different variety! Zombie Babies! With Halloween squarely in the lead as my favorite holiday, I think this Zombie Baby costume is spot on. It's simple & out of the box & the horror-style video with the sweet baby with plush entrails hanging from their flannel button down warms your heart. (Waay to cute to be scary!) Zombie Babiez Good luck Stephanie Davidson! We at Babesta definitely think the Halloween costume business needs a little shaking up with some entrepreneurial costume options for the "i'm not dressing my baby like a pumpkin" set. -JC  

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  7. Jeremy Scott's New Collection for Cybex is Like Middle School All Over Again!

    jeremy scott for cybex We are wild about Jeremy Scott's new collection with uber baby gear brand Cybex. The over-the-top Scott (known for putting wings on sneakers at Adidas) has added some comic appeal to some of the more mundane childhood commodities. Tapping a hallmark of 80s cafeterias across America, the idea was "food fight". "That always seemed to happen in movies but i've never had one happen in my life. . . It always seemed like a cool thing happening in a cool high school," says Scott. He proceeded to design a pattern with each food character in a state of combat--from wearing boxing gloves to throwing popcorn. The pattern is applied to a range of goods at Cybex, from our fave car seat, the Aton to convertible strollers and even a diaper bag. They're being feted tonight in NYC & coming in September to Babesta! Preorder yours here.  -J.C., image by S.R.  
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  8. Easy as ABC

    Screen Shot 2013-08-13 at 12.34.24 PM O-M-G!  Jonathan Adler's letter pillows are the easiest way to add a little customizable flair to your décor and they're stylish to boot!  Adler's designs are inspired by mid-century modern, art and global pop culture and Hand-loomed in Peru by weavers associated with Aid to Artisans, these pillows are stylish and sustainable.  Only one question remains: What will you spell? Find them here! -LE
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  9. Get a Little Creative

    little creative factory We're really excited to add Little Creative Factory to Babesta's list of designers this season.  LCF was founded by two architect mothers - Christina and Esther - in Barcelona, Spain to express their creativity and enthusiasm for all things made with love.  All  their products are produced by slow manufacture processes; nothing is mass-produced.  Every piece is inspired by the little things in life and by the spontaneity of the daughters of the founders, Ona and Gala.  Cuts are simple; styling is classic; and each piece is easy and unique.  We're especially excited about the details on their pieces - like the applique flowers on the rompers above - and the simple and slightly funky snood for this season! Shop Little Creative Factory here!
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  10. Crazy about Craniums? Stylish skulls continue to rock the closet!

    Screen Shot 2013-08-06 at 2.16.58 PM

    Jump back into fall with these adorable skull clothes! Promise your kid will look stylish!

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