Monthly Archives: December 2013

  1. Weekender: Skiing in & around the Big Apple

    Want to plan a ski trip with the family this season? Here are some great spots not too far from New York City! A bit over an hour, this ski site, formerly Great Gorge/Vernon Valley, is perfect for a day trip. The NJ mountain isn't huge but it's definitely ample for learning to get your ski legs on. Also some fun snow tubing!

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  2. Babesta Gift Guide: For Your Sweetheart!

    sweet heartSomething sweet this year for your little love? Here are some suggestions! Munster Kids floral dress, $40; Mini Rodini heart sweater, $91; Mini Rodini Tazzel Dress, $76 ; Kid Robot Yummy Donut and Cupcake Pillows, $20-$70 ; Hello Ribbons hair bows, $12. 
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  3. Babesta Gift Guide: For your Cowboy!

    Love them Cowboys! Here are some great gifts for your lil boot scooter. Andy & Evan flannel shirtzie, $46; Flatout Frankie cardboard unicorn hobby horse, $24; Bobo Choses sombrero onesie, $49; Frye company rodeo bootie, $38; Trumpette cowboy boot socks, $27 (set of six).

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  4. Babesta Gift Guide: For your Future President!

    presidentYour tot have political leanings? Does he kiss babies and pat backs? These gifts are perfect! Try a Washington-ready shirtzie by Andy & Evan, $46; Babar comes to America, $17.95; and plush dolls of Honest Abe Lincoln, $42 and George Washington $42 by Late Greats.
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  5. Palais de la chance

    Capturing animals, flowers and imaginary creatures in full movement in its creations, the Maison has once again created an audacious collection in which swallows and storks are found alongside dragons, peonies and stars. Combinations of hard, fine and precious stones transforms highly creative designs into three-dimensional High Jewelry pieces such as the Trésor Ailé ring , the Lierre set, the Chardon Secret ring or the Muguet clip.

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  6. Babesta Gift Guide: For your Little Monster!

    monster   Got a little monster at home? These are some great gifts for kids with some monstrous tendencies this season. My Monster Bubble Writer Book, $16.95  2. Sourpuss Monster hat, $15  3. Indikidual tee, $54  4. Munster slouchy pants, $21  5. Madpax backpack, $28-60  6. Ugly Doll plush companions, $20-25.
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  7. Babesta & Super Cool La Miniatura Kids Sweater Featured in Promenade Magazine

    So excited to be included in Promenade Magazine's New York Luxe List for kids' fashion!  Thanks guys! We love this nifty La Miniatura Kids sweater as well! Check out all of our cool threads this season here!Screen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.21.25 PMScreen Shot 2013-12-18 at 12.21.14 PM

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  8. Babesta Gift Guide: For your Future Heartbreaker!

    heart breakerYou got a little heartbreaker on your hands? Here are some perfect gifts for the holidays! 1. Babiators shades, $25 2. Babesta Tuxedo tee, $25 3. NuNuNu grey star sweatpants, $44 4. Freddy Mercury plush doll, $44.  
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  9. Babesta Gift Guide: For your Little Genius!


    Got yourself a house full of bitty brainiacs? We've got the gift guide for them!  Try the 1. Robot Mobile by Das Wood, $122 2.Airplane by Playforever, $64, 3. This Way to the Moon Book, $17.95 4. Spy Kit by Seedling Kids, $38 5. Iggy Peck Architect, $16.95 6. Robot Backpack by Beatrix, $42 7. Robot Puzzle by Vilac, 8. Robot Towel by Yikes Twins, $39 9. Grow up onesie by Mini & Maximus, $30 10. Spy Leggings by Mini & M

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  10. Babesta Gift Guide: For your Little Fashionista!


    You have a style maven mini-me? No problem! We brought together some haute gifts for the season! 1. Dress by NuNuNu, $56 2. Jewel sweatshirt by Mini Rodini, $68 3. Coco Chanel Plush Doll, $44 4. Shoes by Anais & I $148+.

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