Monthly Archives: July 2014

  1. Superior Interiors! Super Sweet Youth Bedroom at Babesta

    cool modern kids room What goodies do we find here in this inspiration board we just made for a client's youth bedroom!Amsterdam cabinets in red & pink; Eicho twin bed by Spot on Square, and the BlaBla pillow (so sweet!). We mixed this with a cool graphic poster and a wall pop of wallpaper.
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  2. New at Babesta ODB tees and more!

    hatch for kidsWe're crazy about the new cool kids' tees and onesies by Hatch for Kids. This new t-shirt line is one of the best we've found in a long time - love the 80s references and ODB tee!  Shop Hatch for Kids.
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  3. Inspiration: Newport Rhode Island

    chic getaways for families in Newport Rhode IslandWe were inspired this week by Newport Rhode Island, a beautiful and elegant town replete with seaside mansions, museums, great restaurants, beaches and more.The "Must Do List" in Newport, includes Cliff Walk, where visitors can take a walking tour of the shoreline dotted by spectacular mansions, home long ago to the Vanderbilts and their ilk. If just seeing the outside is not enough, get a ticket to go inside and enjoy the opulent furnishings and lush settings- saddle up to a tour guide, as some of the stories are entertaining, especially for the kids, of well dressed dog companions, table manners and dining habits.Speaking of dining, when you're done drooling over these
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  4. City Solutions: Uber Family

    Dr. Alisa Baer and Uber launch UberFamily in New York CityOne of the biggest problems in the city is how to get a toddler around in a cab or car service safely and easily.  Enter, UberFamily to solve the problem. We had first heard about this revelation while it was in development from Dr. Alisa Baer, “The Car Seat Lady” who collaborated with Uber on the service.  Now a couple months in, it’s addressing a true, underserved need in the market, much to city parents’ delight. She trained and certified the highest rated UberX partner drivers on how to safely secure the car seat so you know its
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  5. Studio Visit with Rebeca Raney

    Rebeca Raney of Raneytown We were thrilled to be invited to a studio visit at Rebeca Raney's this weekend. Her work is prominently displayed and for sale at Babesta - from her signature llamas to the subtle and naive black and white illustrations of sweet girls, some looking like familiar Raggedy Ann type dolls. The RISD graduate has made quite a splash on the art scene, already collaborating with Madewell for a line of product and cultivating over a million followers on Pinterest as Raneytown.Raneytown sculpture
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  6. Weekend Pick: Jeff Koons at the Whitney

    Whitney Museum New York City Jeff Koons retrospectiveWe loved visiting the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum. It's full of all the fun and whimsy as you would expect - from balloon dogs to giant mounds of Play-Doh to floating basketballs. I let  Camille man the camera phone and take some of her favorites. It's a fun family activity in New York City, for visitors and for locals.Note, for anyone thinking of going, there is 1 room on the 3rd floor that you might want to preview for appropriateness. It is labeled (thank you Whitney
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  7. Car Seat Conundrum: Demystifying car seats & boosters with Dr. Alisa Baer

    choosing a safe car seat for your infant, toddler and childWe know that choosing a car seat is tricky (you want the safest car seat that's easy to install and transport while looking great in your car!). No doubt, there are a lot of factors at play, but it needn’t overwhelm! There is a science to it. Guiding factors include the age, height and weight of each child, how many kids you have, your lifestyle and type of car you are most likely traveling in. Luckily most seats w
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  8. Reviewed: Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes

    We've started to rev up our youth book selection and as such have asked our 10 year old reviewer Amina (a voracious reader & my daughter) to read and write a blurb about the books in our collection.
    Peter Nimble and his fanta
    ~Review of Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes~by Jonathan Auxier
    "If you know anything about blind children, you know that they make spectacular thieves," states the author in Peter Nimble and his Fantastic Eyes. So starts the story.
    An orphan is born into the world. In
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  9. Listen to our Summer Playlist at Babesta

    With summer in full swing we thought we'd share the tunes that we're listening to at Babesta!

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  10. Summer Sale at Babesta!

    Summer Sale at BabestaTime to get cool! Our summer sale is going on at Babesta and we have the best indie brands--Munster Kids boys and girls clothing, Sons + Daughters sunglasses, Ruff & Huddle shorts and more. Snap up your faves to be spot on style for the summer! Meanwhile, we're prepping the shop for fall, Back-to-School, if you can believe it! (As much as we love B-2-S, it's so hard to think of sweaters and jeans when it's soooooo darn hot!)Shop Babesta Sale!
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