Monthly Archives: February 2015

  1. An Ugly Doll Lost in Love

    looking for loveLonely #uglydoll Betty felt a #FebruarychillNeeded that special monster to give her a thrillSo decked out in her latest #threadzOut on the town she headsPrepared to cross borough linesOh will she find ? #love devine?Answering a post from monstermatch.nyWhy not give a #vday romance one more try?Searching from the #city hall stopScanning the benches, would this be a flop?Little did she know waiting in the distanceWas the hippest of monster men, who was  quite persistent ....Will #uglydoll Betty find the monster of her dreams?Check back on V-day and see where Betty and her Monster friends go, wear, and do! Pia Finnigan
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  2. sNOw School Sled Day

    What's better than a snow day? Possibly ice cream on a sweltering summer afternoon during a beach vcay; but really that's about it. Snow days are the ultimate! So during the latest blizzard that wasn't, here in Manhattan we took a tour through the city to relieve are childhood/no school day memories!We came up with simple steps to get the most out of your snow day.Step 1: Wake up early, check the news and see your school's name scrolling across the bottom. "Yes, no school!!!!!!"Step 2: Go back to sleep for a few and snooze.Step 3: Hearty breakfast.Step 4: Call friends and plan snow outing festivities.Step 5: Find sled (trays will do!)Step 6: Lace up boots, slide on gloves and Go!Proceeding using our NYC savvy (aka scouting where children were having a blast) we trekked around on a snowy, yet sun-filled afternoon that felt like a holiday for grownups and kids alike. Snowballs, snow angels and especially sledding are all musts. It does not really matter the color or shape of your sled as
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