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  1. PROMOS - September 2022

    September PROMOS! Everyone likes a great Promo, so we wanted to break down what are the best promos going on this month! 

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  2. Introducing the New Mesa 2

    Introducing the Mesa V2 by UppaBaby! How excited were we when we found that UppaBaby's latest car seat will feature the European latch, making for secure and easy install in an Uber or taxi!

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  3. Introducing the Priam 4 Luxury Stroller by Cybex

    We're psyched to announce the newest in the Cybex line up: the Priam 4. Always innovating, Cybex made some tweaks and upgrades to the head-turning stroller that has proven to be the top pick of the fashion set. Something about that rose gold!

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  4. The Priam: Compatibility for Versions, Babesta Breaks it Down!

    We won't let you lose your cool! We know, it’s maddening to try to understand what goes with what when stroller companies release a new improved version.  Even our heads spin sometimes! Babesta breaks down the Priam and all of the compatibililty tricks and tips we know!

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  5. What To Do In NYC Summer 2022: check out Portside at Brookfield Place

    We're always excited about the latest goings-on at Brookfield Place! How could we not, after spending so many years in that beautiful mall! Since it's still just a skip and a hop for us, we wanted to let you know about new fun happening outside on the water! This is for the parents - perhaps a date night?

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  6. The Session x Babesta

    How excited were we when "The Session NYC", a collaboration of stylist extraordinaire Michel Onofrio and amazing fashion photog Molly Magnuson tapped Babesta to provide some great pieces to mix and remix? Ever the creative powerhouses, we knew we'd be suprised and delighted by the results.

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  7. Babesta x Rebelstork Trade In Your Gear for a Gift Certificate!

    We're thrilled to announce our partnership with RebelStork, a gear resale site that has been operating in Canada and has now made its way to the Big Apple!

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  8. Look at the Future: NY Gift Show Faves!

    One of the greatest things about having a store is getting to check out all of the amazing things with which to stock the shelves. It’s so much fun to see what is out there, and then curate the perfect world for baby! Just walked the floor at NY Now (formally the Gift show) to see what’s new. It was not a big show, and the children’s section was smaller than usual, but as always there were great things to be had!

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  9. Babesta x Tesla

    We were pretty stoked to be chosen by Tesla to partner with them and bring their family lifestyle to life! Check out our "best of" gear picks at Tesla Manhattan and Tesla Manhasset! (Or just click here to get a rundown. 

    We've long been Tesla fans, and our clients are too - you didn't have to tell us that they fit perfectly in the cars and the trunk to make for a very stylish travel situation! Be sure to say that "babesta says hi!" if you head on down to take a test drive! We think you should!

    Shop Babesta's Picks for Tesla!

    tesla x babestatesla x babesta

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  10. Genius or Vandal:  New Banksy Immersive Art Experience

    We’ve long been fans of the talented Mr. Banksy, ever since we did that Babesta Beat photoshoot with Katrina Tang (check our video out here) where we recreated some of his most famous works (Pranksy & the Playground Mob)! We just went to see the immersive Banksy exhibit in NYC, which is a fun afternoon and will inspire some good, provocative family conversation around topics like consumerism, war, equity, police, government or, if that's not their bag, at least about apes & rats :)

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