Been There, Done That

  1. Florence or Bust! A Recap of Pitti Bimbo

    This year, we were lucky enough to attend a trade show I had been dreaming of for years, Pitti Bimbo. This is not a trade show by any American sense – there are no fluorescent lights or rows of tables with bleary eyed vendors. Pitti Bimbo, in all its Italian fashion flamboyance is a show in the truest sense. Set in the Fortessa Basso in Florence, an ancient fortress amidst a beautiful park, you are at once transported, relaxed and ready to take in the fashion. It is a creative playground within the fortress.

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  2. After Show After Glow Hatsune Miku

    After Show After Glow: Hatsune Miku

    When I first heard about Hatsune Miku, I was super curious. A live concert for a hologram? With my daughter’s b-day (and she loves pop singing and manga drawing) I thought this was an offbeat shoe-in for a fun afternoon. She brought a friend and we all enjoyed our inaugural concert teasing the future of music. The room had an excited energy – there were definitely die hard fans (the street outside was bustling with excited concert goers camped out for the second show). Several girls were dressed up anime style - with ankle-long blue pigtails a la Miku’s signature style.

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  3. Weekend Pick: Jeff Koons at the Whitney

    Whitney Museum New York City Jeff Koons retrospectiveWe loved visiting the Jeff Koons exhibit at the Whitney Museum. It's full of all the fun and whimsy as you would expect - from balloon dogs to giant mounds of Play-Doh to floating basketballs. I let  Camille man the camera phone and take some of her favorites. It's a fun family activity in New York City, for visitors and for locals.Note, for anyone thinking of going, there is 1 room on the 3rd floor that you might want to preview for appropriateness. It is labeled (thank you Whitney Museum) so it won't come as a surprise. Keeping families in mind, the Whitney also gives out fun little workbooks for kids visiting the exhibit. It definitely inspired everyone to bust out the art supplies when we
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  4. Weekender: Skiing in & around the Big Apple

    Want to plan a ski trip with the family this season? Here are some great spots not too far from New York City! A bit over an hour, this ski site, formerly Great Gorge/Vernon Valley, is perfect for a day trip. The NJ mountain isn't huge but it's definitely ample for learning to get your ski legs on. Also some fun snow tubing!

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  5. What do you call a city without water?

    The answer? A city without...water...

    Imagine a city without water? New York City would not be the awesome New York City without the bridge and ferries! Governor's Island would not be an island, either! In order to celebrate how awesome water is, Metropolitan Waterfront Alliance is hosting A City of Water Day!
    • WHEN: July 13
    • TIME: 10AM- 4PM
    • WHERE: Governor's Island, NYC && Liberty State Park, Jersey City, NJ.
    • COST: Free
    • FOOD: check here for all the vendors!
    A City of Water Day will have so many fun activities
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  6. Super-Cool Exhibit: Claes Oldenburg at the MOMA

    I was pretty psyched this past weekend to bring the girls to the Claes Oldenburg exhibit at the MOMA. After a failed attempt at culture at the New Museum (the 90s exhibit is interesting, but definitely, definitely not for kids), we made a plan for the MOMA (with my older grinning, “Are you sure it’s going to be appropriate, mom?”). We started on the 2nd floor with the Mouse Museum and Ray Gun Wing. Big black distorted Mickey silhouette shaped mouse walk-in traps housed a combo of knick knacks and art experiments, blurring the line between art and tchotchkes. The second “trap”, Ray Gun featured 253 “ray guns” fashioned from combs, water guns and even bent nails that replicated the basic shape. The girls loved both for their cave-like appeal and the unexpected every-day objects and foodstuffs within. Then we moved to the 6th floor and checked out “Street” and “Store,” Oldenburg’s other two collections. It’s pretty cool that the artist ran a LES “store” in the earl

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  7. DJ Spooky at F.I.T. on Sustainability

    So I was lucky enough to go to F.I.T.'s 7th Annual Conference on Sustainable Design today and got to listen to D.J. Spooky speak about the his art and music exploring the intersection of urban culture and the environment; where nature, art and design converge. His new book, "The Book of Ice," is based off of a 6 week trip he took to Antarctica where he was clearly struck by the vastness and the depth of "archival" material nature has provided. With a whirlwind of swipe (yes, lots of ice & penguins, photos, inspiration, movie clips & music, he danced around some very interesting topics. He even  'sampled the landscape' using an algorithm based upon  the fluctuation of temperature during his trip... Part of what was interesting, especially for us city folk, is his demonstration that hip hop, traditionally urban, is affected by and is not worlds away from the natural world. At the end of his very interesting, pretty heady, a bit disjointed but definitely thought provoking presentation, he dec

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  8. Birthday Bash! Harry Potter Scavenger Hunt and Watson Adventures.

    I am always looking for great party ideas, and this year, since my oldest has become obsessed with Harry Potter, I thought I'd use the young Brit as the "theme". Pop culture is a passion and even if this one isn't really my bag, I'm  game to engage! I called up Watson Adventures, a super cool scavenger hunt company in the city (they were recommended by a friend who had used them for a team-building corporate event) once I found they had a "Harry Potter" themed scavenger hunt at the MET. Of course, the days leading up to the big event, I was not only nervous that the party would go without a hitch (the news was going on and on about Superstorm NEMO) but also nervous whether the MET was ready for 15 8/9 year olds on a mission to win! Sigh of relief, no Greek or Roman statues were destroyed during the hunt, no Old Masters defaced! If you're feeling energetic, it was a total blast and I  recommend it! Here are some of my tips: 1. No hunting on an empty stomach: We ate pizza and had cake f

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  9. CANstruction at the World Financial Center

    Got to visit CANstruction yesterday night at the WFC -- it was pretty impressive--a host of large scale sculptures created out of canned goods, from SPAM to tunafish to Goya beans. Constructed by design teams, the exhibit raises interest and money for fighting hunger.At the end of the exhibit, all cans will be donated to community food banks. I think Babesta should do one! It doesn't look easy but it sure looks fun!

    Balloon dog main

    Lots more pics to follow

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  10. "Toast to Survivors" - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

    Pink was the color of choice today at the "Toast to Survivors" luncheon hosted by The Moms (Denise Albert and Melissa Gerstein) and actress Kristin Chenoweth. Beverage sponsor Martini (the sparkling wine) made sure that each attendee was offered a pretty pink mini bubbly with a straw (a definite indulgance on a Monday afternoon). Some of the most rousing words were spoken by patient advocate Dee Dee Ricks (who has been named one of Wall Street's Most Powerful Women), who relayed her own battle with the disease and her first hand look at the inequities in the health care system based on socio-economics.At the end of the luncheon, Martini presented a check to Kristin Chenoweth for her own charity Maddie's Corner, which she noted will be allocated to the Breast Cancer Research Foundation and Right

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