First Impressions

  1. Meet the Liingo!

    The new Liingo car seat by Clek has got our attention! Due to release in June, this infant car seat has been optimized for a city-dweller - with all of the features that we really need!

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  2. Introducing: the Yoyo²

     BabyZen Yoyo2

    The Yoyo² amps up the awesomeness of the Yoyo we all know and love. With even better four wheel suspension, faux leather handlebar and an improved bucket, this stroller packs a punch for travelers and city folk who need something light, compact but with all the bells and whistles. If you’re not a believer yet, we challenge you to take one flight with the stroller and you’ll know its magic. The frame is $50 more at $500 and the fabric set is $50-$75. We call it an essential luxury for any tot on the go.

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  3. Meet the Bugaboo Lynx!

    We got a chance to check out the Lynx, Bugaboo's most recent addition to their animal-friendly line up! This is like the little brother to the Fox and if you were in a standardized testing scenario in stroller-nerd school, you might see a problem like this: The Cruz is to the Vista as the _________ is to the Fox Answer: The Lynx!
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  4. Marveious Minu

    UPPAbaby is introducing an ultra-portable stroller called MINU (fun take on miniature) that is certain to make
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  5. Sweet Street: Girly Girl Candy Confections

         Moving from the gym to the streets the Babesta Beat crew & models headed outdoors right before dusk to make the cooblestone streets of Dumbo that much sweeter!

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  6. Fashion Friday: This is BOBO

         Enter the extraordinary world of Bobo Choses. We were so inspired by the brand's fall 2016 collection we devoted an entire fashion story to the magical and quirky world of the hypnotically hip collection.

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  7. Rock & Soul: Fashion Hits a High Note

    rock n soulIn the  Fall/Winter '15 edition of the Babesta Beat fashion hits a high note with band tees, record-sized polka dots and rebellious prints. Including the latest from Mini picWe paired newbie Molo with the fanciful prints of Nobdinoz and our own Babesta
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  8. Super easy costumes using Babesta faves!

    Got some Babesta greats in your closet already (or do you want a costume that you can keep wearing after the 31st? We are remixing looks into easy Halloween costumes all week for inspiration! Here's our Baby Mickey, Dark Night and Tootsie Pop Owl, using fashion faves like Nununu, Popupshop, Dr. Martens and Bobo Choses!

    easy halloween _ 2

    (From left) Tootsie Roll owl inspired outfit using our fave Popupshop

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  9. TREND:Spray it! Don't say it .

    Spray It, Don't Say It!
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  10. Back-to-school shopping in a snap

    back to coolWith the new back-to-school season  here, it's time to size up your kids' closet and hit the refresh button. But where to start? Check out Babesta's top  tips on how to make a style splash this season and shop with purpose, hitting the trends with separates that will mix and remix with swagger.
    Brilliant Basics: First you want to establish your baseline fashion - the easy things that can be combined with anything else. That means a subtly awesome tee, some solid yet stylish sweats and skinny jeans, and some black boots (like
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