OK, like everyone we love looking at food on Pinterest, so this week we chose 5 things we had to try to dazzle the kids!! If you haven't seen our Grub Board, it's time for a stomach growl!thin mint cupcakes1. Thin Mint Brownies: You ate all the girl scout cookies yet your thin mint craving persists. Try these on for size!rainbow pasta 22. Rainbow Pasta: Rainbow Loom is so yesterday. Today it's all about Rainbow Pasta! Check it out!insane sandwich art3. Insane Sandwich Art: Because you have the time (yeah right). Wish wish wish!doable sandwich art4. More Do-able Sandwich Art: Peanut Butter & Bear!mondrian cake5. This is art people! Feel like you're raising your tot's cultural awareness when serving the Mondrian cake. Mmmm culture never was so yummy!Got a great, indulgent treat that's worth making? Let us know! Follow all of our cravings on our Grubs board