OK, we'd all agree it stinks to be going into a long weekend that's traditionally fun with family and friends amidst the quarantine. But with nice weather expected, admit it, it could be worse. Here are some things we've been collecting from our trusted sources to make the weekend feel more festive.

jones beach

1-Go to the Beach (maybe)! Yes, we know there are MAJOR limitations, and social distancing rules have to be enforced, they will be operating on 50% capacity and some beaches will not allow swimming but walks OK. Taking in that beach air with the sun on our faces (with mask on). Our tan lines are going to be comical this year (the quarantan), but consider it a badge of honor. Open beaches include Jones and Robert Moses State Park, and Rockaway Beach, Coney Island and Orchard Beach are open for walks on the beach only.

 perfect picnic

2. An outdoor *if you have outdoor space, or if not an indoor picnic! We love Perfect Picnic (and we love them even more for providing "Picnics with a Purpose" - picnic lunches available at cost for purchase for our first responders! Ready for your picnic inside? Put down your checkered cloth, fill up a basket and open the windows. Think of it this way, there won't be ants to spoil your day! [Try the Perfect Picnic Family Picnic here!]

Four Brothers Drive in

3. Go to a Drive in Movie. If you have a car and can score a ticket (a hot commodity these days), check out a movie from the comfort of your car, while observing the new rules of social distancing together. We love the Four Brothers Drive in, in Amenia, NY, and know there is another in Warwick, NY. Closer to home, Bel Aire Diner in Astoria is offering one as well!

 Street Art

4. Go on a family scavenger hunt! We read of one on the Tribeca Citizen for street art, or even more specifically, Space Invador's street art. Or invent your own! There's art all around us! Cap off the day with homemade popsicles, ripe for the warm weather!

six flags safari

5. A Car-Safari: OK, this one doesn't open til the 30th so you can't do it this weekend but it's worth a mention. Six Flags is opening its drive through safari. This is a fun way to feel like you're traveling to far flung places while remaining safe and close to home.