Santi Flores Garment District AllianceAs the nice weather is upon us, weekends are made for exploring the city! One thing we love about New York is its dedication to the arts, everywhere you look. We’re always trying to get the scoop on the latest public arts initiatives—and Here, by Santi Flores, the latest installation by the Garment District Alliance, was literally waving for our attention. It would take a very strong person to resist these delightfully gigantic sculptures with friendly hands raised high in the sky. Flores says that this installation, between 38th and 41st street, is meant to symbolize unity, diversity and individuality. Each sculpture is different, some bigger, some smaller, with different colors and markings on their “skin”.  Santi Flores is a plastic and visual artist and musician from Albacete Spain, who has shown his work all over the world. As you hit the town this weekend, don’t miss Flores’ cool installation that bucks the biggest misperception of New York, with unabashed friendliness.