Portside at Brookfield Place

We're always excited about the latest goings-on at Brookfield Place! How could we not, after spending so many years in that beautiful mall! Since it's still just a skip and a hop for us, we wanted to let you know about new fun happening outside on the water! This is for the parents - perhaps a date night? Being a good parent requires taking a little time off on the regular. When you find the time, we recommend heading to Portside, the new nautical oasis in the Upper Plaza outside looking over the New York Harbor. It's free and fun - a perfect combo! (and there's even a kid-friendly dance party if you'd prefer a family affair!) What you'll discover: 

The Beach Read Club! I'm a sucker for a great book and the Portside Boat Bar Library is offering free copies of the most talked about beach reads this summer!

Oyster shucking 101! Learn how to shuck, taste and pair oysters with a coup de champagne! Ooh-la-la! [shoutout to Red Oyster USA]

Coastal Craft Making - Cool beachside crafts for some hands-on fun

Knotical Knot Tying - Make sure your knots are landing with aplomb!

Maritime Monogramming - Add your initials to a canvas beach tote

Toddler Yacht Rock - BYOB (that's baby!!!!) and enjoy an outdoor dance party

Find out more goings on at Brookfield Place!