We were so blown away by JR’s new exhibit at the Brooklyn Museum, JR: Chronicles. We were lucky enough to hear the French street artist speak at a kick off event at the museum on the 3rd, and were captivated by his authenticity, his charisma and his inclusive approach to art. He’s known in the modern art world for some pretty awe-inspiring projects, boldly pasting portraits on a wall seperating Israel and Palenstine, erecting large scale image of a baby along the US – Mexico border (peeking over the crib-looking wall) and constructing a moving interactive image for the cover of Time Magazine, bringing to life all possible perspectives on the divisive gun issue. The human story behind each of these projects, both subject and artist himself is so compelling I can’t recommend enough. Not only that, its even-handed approach is so refreshing in today’s partisan world. This show traces the artist’s life from being a teenager in a voilitile Parisian neighborhood to a pioneer of human stories with an eye to raise awareness, and bring people together. The photos are bold and large, the projects are gutsy and important and the impact is large. People across the world continue to work on his Inside Out project, where the people create the art, and the artist steps back and becomes facilitator. Kudos to JR and his team for this fabulous new exhibit and we are very excited to keep an eye on what projects are to come!

Brooklyn Museum

JR: Chronicles


October 4, 2019-May 3, 2020

Photo credit: JR (French, born 1983). The Chronicles of New York City, 2018–19 (detail). Dimensions variable. © JR-ART.NET