[caption id="attachment_3334" align="aligncenter" width="5683"]AKID shoes at Babesta AKID shoes now available at Babesta[/caption]When the Babesta crew first came across the AKID brand, we knew we had something special. The brand successfully provides the styles that the modern  Sneakerheads look for, for children. Sneaker enthusiasts, or  “Sneakerheads,” have traditionally gravitated toward brand athletic sneakers. However, while the athletic sneaker still reigns supreme, some of the  flyest and fashion conscious Sneakerheads have veered away to a different style of sneaker. AKID shoes encapsulate this style for children. And the great thing about the AKID brand is that they are specially designed for a child’s growing foot. From the shoe design, to the quality breathable materials good for children’s sensitive skin, these aren’t just adult shoes shrunken down.Historically in sneakerhead culture, the brand name meant everything. Only the top three or four athletic sneaker brands were acceptable. But, in recent years, emphasis on the big brand names has decreased as sneaker enthusiasts pay more attention to an awesome looking shoe, regardless of who makes it. In speaking with sales representatives at some of the top sneakerhead shops in NYC and San Francisco, they noticed this change in customer taste over the past few years.Around 2010, the Sneakerheads stopped caring about brand name as much. They just wanted bright, crazy colors, like fluorescents and pastels. This taste for wild colors has since filtered to the mainstream market.The rise in popularity of the skinny jean has also played a major role in the change in sneaker styles. A lot of the traditional athletic sneakers that worked great with baggier jeans just don’t look good in skinnies. They’re just too big and bulky for the skinny jeans and they stand out in a bad way.  As a result, the most refined sneakerheads had to seek out a more slim style of shoe. Sneaker designers are now more focused on using cool innovative materials and patterns instead of the day-glo colors (or along with!). With their faux snake skin, paint splatter and printed kicks, AKID definitely has their finger on the pulse of sneaker fashion, and is sure to inspire a new generation of pint-sized Sneakerheads.AKID now available at Babesta.-Asa Barnla