Babesta advent calendar rowdy sprout joan jett tee

It's no secret: We Love Rock and Roll! Joan Jett is a rock star like no other. We fear that one day "put another dime in the jukebox baby" will be something like if you started singing about 8 tracks and corded telephones. Mom what's a dime? and obviously WT?'s a Juke Box! But once they hear the spikey haired singer's grovelly cool, these become details. Designer Rowdy Sprout is everything when it comes to cool, made-in-LA, cotton, tagless band tees and this ranks to be one of our faves! [though I suspect there might be another sneaking on this list later in the month!].

Now I have my challenge for you, embedded in this handy gift guide. Buy this for your BOYS! (it's a genderless raglan cut). I started Babesta as a genderless company, with the notion that music has no gender. It's not only girls who like Blondie and boys who like AC/DC or Ozzy Osbourne (ask anyone about my high school years and this point is proven!) Girls seem pretty cool with wearing any band tee, but rarely do I see boys buy a girl band/girl lead singer tee and I think that should change! We know you love Rock and Roll just like the rest of us!

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