teddy collection at babesta 7am enfant

Leave it to me to have my December 6 gift pick hit on a 61 degree day! No worry, I have faith winter is coming. And when that winter comes, any little one who is wrapped up in this 7am Enfant Teddy Collection of snuggliness will be the happiest kid on the block. It's almost as if your child has morphed into your favorite stuffed animal. Yes, I admit that sounds a bit strange, but trust me, it's strange in an adorable, sweet sort of way! 7am released its whole range of warming products in this teddy bear fabric, from hats and mittens to car seat covers, buntings and even the classic 212 blanket. This collection is the perfect pairing of Instagram-perfection and practicality! Read: claim it's for the weather, then hit portrait mode.

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PS: Bonus cuteness:

Teddy collection by 7am enfant Nido