Loog guitar lifestyle

It's Tuesday December 7, and that means a new advent calendar pick! Today, we have the awesome Loog guitar (we like the electric, though it comes in acustic & ukelele!) for your little Jimmy Page or Eddie Van Halen-to-be! (only the good parts!)  This tiny 3 string electric guitar features a built in amp and speaker, and comes bundled with flashcards, an app that teaches music through AR and free video lessons. Nothing beats the gift of music - its one that brings joy for a lifetime. By using only 3 strings, kids can concentrate on the basic triad of chords, making it all faster and easier. Once they master a Loog, it's easy to extrapolate to a 6 string. Then, for the bonus round, play it upsidedown like the King of electric guitar, Jimi himself.