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As the weather gets colder, it's time to get out your stroller footmuff (and companion handmuffs). There are a few things to think about as you choose the best one for you!


1/Look at your stroller: Is it a small compact stroller or your larger primary? Generally, the smaller strollers are better fitted with smaller footmuffs that work proportionally. It's not essential, as all footmuffs pretty much fit all strollers, but it works even better. For strollers like the BabyZen Yoyo, getting their footmuff for the stroller works really well for instance, as it was designed to still fold with the stroller.

2/Look at your child!: If they are on the bigger side and are nearly at the end of their stroller harness already, take note that the "sleeping bag style" footmuffs will take up a lot of the harness, making them much tighter on the child. This is a complaint we hear every season. We suggest a thinner blanket or a footmuff that only covers the front in that case. We like the K Poncho for one (it can also be used for a front carrier).

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3/ These are some great super warm choices of footmuffs for the season; some of our favorites include the 212 Blanket, the Snugglepod Sheepskin footmuff and the Bugaboo Performance footmuff to name a few. The 212 covers the head and can 'grow with the child', with extensions zipped on and off to manage the perfect size. Feet can go out of the end if needed and (something we love) if it gets dirty it can be put in the washing machine

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The Snugglepod is luxurious natural sheepskin, the coziest of muffs. It is actually warming in the winter and cooling in the summer due to the natural material and you can zip off the front to make a seatliner for the warmer weather. It does need to be drycleaned however, which for some makes it a bit inconvenient. But there's nothing like it in terms of luxuriousness!

bugaboo performance footmuffThe Bugaboo Performance Footmuff is pretty cool as it's a 2-in-1, with a 1- and 2-ply configuration, allowing for Fall/Spring coverage as well as winter. This footmuff is also machine washable so is quite easy to maintain.

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3/If the footmuff is for your car seat: There are special footmuffs just made for car seats - these are unique as they have their backs cut out so that when the child sits in the seat, their back makes contact and there isn't a thick layer of puffer material. Anything between the child and the car seat can potentially compromise the safety of the car seat as the straps are artificially stretched to make room for the airy puffer. Car seat footmuffs keep baby warm over the car seat, leaving the straps and the back free so that baby can be tightly and appropriately secured. Check out the Coccoon and the Nido as our top choices for car seat footmuffs.

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Stay warm out there folks!

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