What are we doing this weekend? We're glad you asked! David Bowie is, running March 2-July 15, at the Brooklyn Museum, celebrates the iconic rock star's life and style. The exhibit was organized by the London-based Victoria and Albert Museum, and Brooklyn is the last stop on its 5-year world tour. A collection of Bowie's personal archives, the exhibit includes 60 key fashion pieces, including six designed by Freddie Burretti for Ziggy Stardust1980 Floor Show, and seven by Kansai Yamamoto for Aladdin Sane. Handwritten lyrics, sketches, paintings and audio clips have been compiled for this creative multimedia tribute with continuous audio (you wear Sennheiser headphones throughout to get the full experience). March 2-July 15, 2018//Brooklyn Museum.

Image: Courtesy of the Brooklyn Museum: Original photography for the Earthling album cover, 1997. Photograph by Frank W. Ockenfels 3 © Frank W Ockenfels 3