chef my kitchen

Getting a bit bored with your culinary repertoire? If you want to jazz up mealtime but are lacking inspo, look no further to this cool new service called "Chef My Kitchen". Having so much family time can lead to some meal monotony and this will definitely add excitement and make good! You just "book a chef" and chat with a professional chef and get a personal recipe based on ingredients already in your kitchen. Better yet, what you pay for the service goes straight to support the restaurant industry!

Says the site: "All the chefs on Chef My Kitchen are professionally trained and have worked in prominent restaurants around the country. They are donating their time to Chef My Kitchen in order to support their restaurant families during the coronavirus pandemic. Every dollar raised on Chef My Kitchen is donated to the Restaurant Workers’ Community Foundation, which provides emergency relief to the restaurant industry."

The chefs are awesome - some from popular eateries like Nice Matin and Noreetuh and others are private chefs and culinary creative directors. This is a great way to give back to those amazing independant eateries that make New York City the foodie haven that it is and do your part to ensure that New York post-pandemic is as interesting and delicious as ever. And, to boot, you're going to up your cooking game in a fun, interactive way.

Check it out here, book your chef & send us a pic of your family meal!