Cybex Priam strollerReady for the Best Baby Strollers of 2022? We look at their Safety, Style and Performance and have a host of great choices from brands like Bugaboo, BabyZen, UppaBaby and Cybex!

The stroller is the key purchase for any city family. This is how we get around – go to the park, get our morning coffee and navigate our life with baby in tow. For us, the stroller is like our car (and sometimes we don’t even have a car for our car seat and depend on Ubers and taxis). With your lifestyle in mind, you’ll need to pick the right one to make life post-baby as easy and comfortable as possible. If you’re negotiating your neighborhood, you might need your “SUV” that has great suspension, an overnight sleep ready bassinet, loads of storage for groceries and big wheels to take on all the city’s terrain. If you’re on-the-go, on and off the subway or bus, or have to walk up flights of stairs to get home, you might need to look for something with smaller wheels that’s more compact, but still with all the key features, to make you mobile and happy. There’s nothing worse than getting the wrong ride, and we at Babesta work hard to tailor fit your needs and help you pick yours. Be assured there’s not a one-stroller-fits-all solution (and no, there’s no unicorn stroller), but there is the right stroller for you!

Post updated July 2022.


Key questions to ask when you're choosing a stroller

  • Do you think you’ll mostly be navigating your neighborhood (park, Whole Foods, shopping, playdates, classes)
  • Do you live in an elevator building or walk up?
  • What does your neighborhood look like? What sort of terrain is there? (cobblestone?)
  • Do you plan on running with your stroller?
  • Look around you at other parents in the neighborhood – are there certain brands, or types of strollers you see?
  • What about storage – are you “just what I need”, or “everything in case!” kind of person?
  • This is pretty obvious but: is it for a first baby? For twins? Or does it need to carry mixed age kids either in seats or with a wheeled board attachment?

  Cybex Priam stroller

  Rate the most important factors in picking a stroller for you

  • Stroller weight (most important if you plan on carrying your stroller, like if you have a walk up)
  • Stroller size, adjustable handlebar (important for your comfort and adjustability for your partner, caregiver or spouse)
  • Car seat adaptablity (most important if you are seeking a travel system that’s seamless)
  • Customization & style (important if you want a more unique style) Suspension (important for baby’s comfort if you’re going to stroll a lot and the terrain is varied) Overnight sleep ready bassinet (important if you want to use the bassinet beside your bed as a piece of furniture when you’re not strolling)
  • Accessories (important if you want additional functionality)
  • Price and Value (always important!)
  • Another key consideration: customer service, as it’s important that whenever you have a key product, you know you can get it serviced, or can apply its warranty. You want a company that has your back and makes it easy, as you’re pretty dependant on your stroller.
  • Resale Value: Get the best for your needs now, then resell it with Babesta x Rebelstork program when your needs change!

  Our favorite strollers for city families

fox 3 stroller by bugaboo best baby strollers

Bugaboo Fox 3

The Bugaboo Fox is Bugaboo’s ‘best of’ stroller that took in all of the feedback from two decades in the business. It has big wheels and great suspension, an adjustable handlebar, large underseat basket and offers options to customize your favorite color palate. We love Bugaboo for its superior quality and stylish design. The strollers are so well made that they tend to be passed down from child to child – we see Bugaboos that are nearly 10 years old still on the street, still looking great. One of the keys is that every piece when out of warrantee is individually purchasable so you can give your stroller a little update when its strolled around the block a few too many times. It also gives the flexibility to update the stroller for any gender or taste. For a primary stroller, this one is pretty light – only 21.8lbs – and it folds compactly making it an easy ride.

  • Top quality construction and fabrics
  • Large (but light) wheels to navigate cobblestone, curbs & other uneven terrain
  • Customization options and lots of accessories
  • Compact storage of bassinet/seat, as it leverages same seat frame and is only fabric

Cybex Priam Stroller

Cybex Priam 4

This is your fashionista stroller. The sleek design recalls 20th century modern furniture (Ray & Charles Eames). There are some of the most stunning special editions of this stroller (and its little sis, the Mios), as well as beautiful combos of matte black/chrome or rose gold frame and high quality fabrics. It is clear that every detail of the Priam stroller is thought out and optimized, and every button and buckle is beautiful and considered. The storage isn’t as big as some strollers but it’s more discreet due to the magnetic underseat basket that can expand. Our view: Tres Chic!

cybex priam in snow with skis Cybex Priam stroller in sand

  • Great for fashion forward mamas and for discerning design focused dads
  • Not bad for walkups (for a primary) due to its unique fold, despite being 28.1lbs
  • Add the bassinet for your littlest passangers *Attention to detail throughout the design
  • Great large sized and cushy seat
  • Easy to use in snow and sand!

  UppaBaby Vista V2 stroller

UppaBaby Vista V2

Both elegant and practical the Vista has a huge underseat basket that’s perfect for food shopping trips. The Uppa features an adjustable handlebar, overnight sleep ready bassinet (and an accessory stand that you can set up by your bed or in the baby’s room), easy fold, large wheels and good suspension. It’s a bit heavier and wide, but has great wheels and suspension. UppaBaby’s customer service is awesome and a real selling point for the stroller, as they make a great product and really take care of you.

  • Not great for walkups, as it’s heavier (26.6 lbs)
  • Bigger feeling overall
  • Super comfy overnight sleep ready bassinet
  • Can accommodate 2 children (or 3 with one on the wheeled board) so great for family planning
  • Excellent Quality & Great resale value
  • Superior customer service

  uppababy cruz v2 stroller

UppaBaby Cruz V2

This is UppaBaby’s more affordable single stroller. This one cannot transform into a double like its big brother the UppaBaby Vista. It has smaller wheels, is narrower and lighter, but has less robust suspension and a little less storage space (but still very ample). This stroller does not come with a bassinet, but you can purchase one separately if you’re using it from newborn.

  • Lighter (21.5 lbs), narrower than UppaVista
  • More affordable than Vista at $550+
  • Stylish UppaBaby design
  • Note: no bassinet is included – this must be purchased separately & suspension not as robust as Vista
  • Single stroller only (but can use a wheeled board!)

  Cybex MIos stroller

Cybex Mios 2

This is Cybex’s lighter stroller features smaller wheels and a slightly simpler design and is more affordable than the bigger primary, the Priam. This great lightweight urban stroller features a breathable seatcover in mesh and a comfort inlay that can be inserted during colder months. Folding is a snap and the stroller self stands making it nice & convenient. Like the Priam, there are lots of beautiful special editions, as well as a range of solid fabric choices.

  • High level of detail including buckle and handlebar giving a premium finish
  • Smaller wheels with 4 wheel suspension
  • Lighter (21.6lbs) and narrower frame for ease on city streets
  • One hand, easy fold

Ridge stroller by uppababy

 Ridge Jogging Stroller by UppaBaby

For those of  you who are trying to decide if they buy a seperate stroller for jogging, UppaBaby just announced a new choice (coming in November) that can hit the mark for everything. Called the Ridge, this stroller has 3 wheels (as per traditional joggers), and features a hand brake as well as a foot brake. The front wheel can swivel or can lock in place (increasing stabililty for running, you push down lifting the front wheel to turn). There is a covered underseat basket (brilliant!), a built in waterbottle holder and more. This was one well-thought out ride! Although a jogger is normally recommended for 9 months up (head stability is an essential!) you can use this stroller from birth with the bassinet (sold seperately) or car seat adapters. I defnitely can see people who were on the fence in getting a jogger chose this for their everyday plus jogging stroller! In the city, it's really a stretch to house a primary, jogger AND lightweight in your apartment. But I could definitely get behind the Ridge plus a lightweight-rock and roll.


Key Features

  • Extendable canopy with mesh window and zipper pocket
  • Disc hand brake system
  • Adjustable handlebar with wrist strap
  • Included water bottle holder
  • Five-point harness with lumbar support
  • Deep, comfortable seat with webbing recline
  • Patented two-stage suspension system
  • Reflective accents
  • Large basket with included cover
  • Swivel-locking front wheel and adjustable tracker
  • 12″ & 16″ never flat tires
  • One-handed fold, stands when folded
  • From birth compatible with Bassinet, MESA and other infant car seats with the addition of adapters


Now that you are armed with lots of facts and comparison, it's time to try them out and take them to the street! Come by Babesta if you're a city dweller and face them off yourself to see what ride is right for you!


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