We are big fans of Yayoi Kusama, the artist of all trades, the painter, sculptor, immersive experiential artist and pop culture phenom. The colorful, dreamy utopian scapes intrigue both parent and child and are well worth investing in the sure to be long lines that Kusama's exhibitions will surely have. There's not tons of info yet, but we know there will be paintings, sculptures, an immersive installation and a new infinity mirror room. In 2017 we waited in the hours long line at Zwirner's gallery and my kids still talk about it: the colorful dots on white walls and interactive nature made a big impact. We say take advantage of your New York digs and be sure to calendar this in over the holiday season. A Festival of Artful Fun!

November 9-December 14

David Zwirner Gallery 537 W. 20th.

More information to come, check the David Zwirner gallery site for more info.

photo from David Zwirner Gallery press release/website.