“Too many skateboarding dinosaurs, not enough ODB.” Hatch for Kids was born to be the go-to for parents and kids looking for next level, authentic pop culture cool. Launched in 2012, the kids’ label almost instantly bestowed rock star dad status on new father and designer Hunter Ashton. No wonder, designs range from Tupac, Biggie, Wu-Tang, and Digital Underground to Ferris Bueller’s Day Off, Animal House, and The Breakfast Club.

The name Hatch is not what you think: Rather than a nod to a fluffy chick newly sprung from its egg, it’s an ode to the hatch green chili, a staple food from the Southwest, where Ashton and his wife and partner Sara lived prior to a move to their now home base, Portland, Oregon. Like the chili, the clothing line Hatch is always fresh and flame roasted.

 Hatch is a family-run company where everyone has a role: Ashton designs, preps and works logistics on the tees, Sara, and the kids get into the action modeling the duds for the website and catalogs. Loving all things vintage the duo propelled their day jobs with Etsy and visual artistry into the vibrant brand where they could have complete creative control.

Ashton says, “Each pop culture reference in the Hatch brand is based on the artists we love. His eras of choice are the ‘80s & ‘90s, what he sees as the heyday of movies and TV. For instance, the fist-in-the-air Bender tee celebrates the essential high school fight against being boxed in by convenient stereotypes, coming none too soon for their toddler clientele. “There’s never going to be another John Hughes,” he asserts. Ain’t that the truth!

A day’s itinerary at Hatch is something that any working parent can understand. “Wake up between 6-7AM, check weather and news, breakfast, kids off to school and commence all things Hatch: Emails, fill the day’s orders, daily book keeping, lunch break at home or at one of our many “go-to” spots around Portland, then back to work for more emails, order fulfillment and some designing if there’s time,” says Ashton. The end of the day is chock full of family time, and an occasional date night if they’re lucky.

The future is bright, of course for this brand that hits nostalgic cool square on the head. Ashton says that the Hatch team has some pop up shops brewing, and, of course, more rad designs on the horizon. The rock star collection of tees continues to amass groupies from the West Coast and East Coast and everywhere in between.

Ashton is content with his gig making tees and building a brand based on key pop culture greats in music, art and movies, and urges others to find that thing that makes them feel like Monday can’t come soon enough. It’s almost like happy little clouds follow over his head—making it no surprise that PBS painter extraordinaire, Bob Ross, finds his way into the collection with a dedicated tee. Borrowing the artist’s ever-upbeat words, with a sentiment that the risk-taking creatives at Hatch attest, happiness comes when you follow your own beat: “You can do anything you want. This is your world."