This month we're celebrating feeding, as we've been super-focused on food during our indoor quarantine time. We get asked all the time, what do I want to look for when shopping for the best high chair? There are a few guidelines that we think are good things to think about when approaching this category.
fresco by bloom lifestyle
1/Your home's interior: What style do you think will mesh best with your home. The high chair is, after all, a piece of furniture, and you'll have to be looking at it for some time. Are you super modern? You want a pop of color? Are there woods that work best? It's good to get a gauge on what will make you happy looking at it, and then delve into the practical details. (Note you can do this last, but as there are lots of practicalities that have been worked into high chair design, you may start the process with too many options!)
2/How you think you're feeding: And what we mean by this: Is the baby going to be a "satellite" (self-contained feeding station with a tray) or are you going to pull up to a breakfast bar or table and use that surface as a  tray.
3/Adjustability: Do you need it to be adjustable to reach a breakfast bar or is it going to be used at table level? This will narrow down options, as not all chairs are adjustable in height.
4/Are you interested in extended use? Some seats have newborn capabilities (as babies don't sit up til about 6 months), meaning they can either recline to be an elevated baby seat (good for households with other kids or pets), or there is an additional accessory that can be attached to effectuate this. Other seats can be used not only for babies & toddlers but can be used later as a desk chair or occasional chair for even adults.
5/ (the Holy Grail!) How cleanable is it? It better be super easy to clean, as babies are messy as they're starting their table-skills! You definitely want to choose a seat where it's easy to take off the tray, it's easy to clean it, and there are no nooks and crannies in the seat where food can get lodged and yucky!
Top Picks:
Modern Mama: Bloom Fresco! It reclines for extended newborn use, allows for lots of color choices and has a future-forward mod look.
bloom fresco high chair white Rose gold fresco by bloom
Retro 'Rents: The Stokke Tripp Trapp is the classic high chair style, launched in 1972. It's sold over 10million units to date and has been featured at the MOMA! There are lots of wood colors and can have an extended use on both ends, using the newborn set for littles, and removing the babyset to make a longlasting seat that can accommodate adults.
tripp trapp stokke

Design Dada: The Marcel Wanders High Chair by Cybex is nearly an art piece for your home. In black faux leather and embroidered details it reflects Wanders signature rich yet modern style.
Marcel Wanders high chair Cybex
Sleek Seat: The Lemo by Cybex is a more modern uber useful yet beautiful seat that is super easy to clean, and, like the Stokke Tripp Trapp, offers extended use on both ends. The newborn set will allow a low or high seating position, and the seat can be used for adults, seamlessly integrating into a modern kitchen.
lemo high chair
lemo high chair cybex adjustability
Techies Delight: The 4 Moms High Chair features a magnetic tray that can easily snap into place and you can order companion plates and bowls that can magnetically affix to the tray, making unintentional (or intentional) food spillage less likely. It's ajustable in height and VERY easy to clean!
high chiar by 4 moms black white high chair 4 moms
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