NUNA VS FRESCO VS STOKKE VS OXO TOTClockwise from the left: Fresco, Zaaz, Sprout, and Tripp Trapp This week High Chairs enter the Babesta Ring to see who will emerge victorious from the seat sortie... Let's kick things off with THE NUNA ZAAZ! Endurance tested from when your child can sit upright unaided up to 220lbs, this chair will certainly be in the game for a long time.  To compliment it's endurance, the ZAAZ is flexibly designed to grow with your child.  A lift behind the footrest adjusts height and air foam cushions support bottoms of all sizes so you can customize the seat to any size, height, or amount of wiggles.  A three or five point anti-loop harness with quick release button allows for ultimate safety and peace of mind.  It's no crevice design allows for easy cleaning and all plastic components are removable and dishwasher safe.  It's made of high-quality, BPA-, PVC-, and DEHP-free and weighs in at 22.1lbs. Moving around the ring, we meet THE BLOOM FRESCO! Optimized for the modern family, the Bloom Fresco features three positions - lie flat, semi-reclined, and fully upright - to grow with your child from newborn to school age (or up to 79lbs).  Pneumatic height adjustment allowing for tray heights up to 91cm/36in making this the highest of the high chairs.  Removable harness straps allows the Fresco to convert into a play chair; as does the ability to switch between the super-sized, scratch-resistant, anti-slip feeding tray and smaller play tray.  The aluminum safety bar fits all three recline positions as does the aluminum foot rest.  Nook and cranny free seat is designed for easy cleaning and the removable booster seat for smaller infants directs spills away from the seat area; the FDA food-grade plastic and stainless steel components are dishwasher safe.  At a net weight of 31.5lbs and featuring large, concealed, scratch-free wheels in the base, this chair is perfect for any dining room table or modern breakfast bar. In the third corner: THE STOKKE TRIPP TRAPP! Designed for 6-36 months and then on for life, the Tripp Trapp high chair is designed to bring your child to the table from the earliest moments possible.  The ultimate in customizable, the chair is designed to grow and adjust with your child without a fixed tray to bring your child right into the heart of the action at the dining table.  For any size your child may grow to, it's designed to allow your child to rest his or her elbows at table height with their feet flat on the movable footrest and their back fully supported.  To clean, wipe with a damp cloth, then a dry one to remove excess moisture and move on to the next thing in your busy day.  Depth adjustable, height adjustable, this chair grows with your child and their needs. Last but not least: THE OXO TOT SPROUT! Featuring a 5pt harness, two levels of height, crotch post, and tray for the 6-36 month set and a third, lower height and the ability to remove those components for the 3-5 year set, the Sprout also includes 4 independently adjustable footrest heights all of which can be achieved without tools and a second hand.  The recess in the tray can hold 7+oz of liquids and all surfaces are removable and easily washable including the foam cushions designed for support and comfort.  The compact footprint conserves space and the chair is scaled for dining table height.  Made of PVC-, phthalate-, and BPA-free materials, holding up to 60lbs, and weighing in at just 18lbs, this chair is certainly out to give the other contenders a run for their money. We're now taking bets in the comments; which chair gets your support?  Let us know below... -L.E.