NUNA LEAF VS COCO LOUNGER Clockwise from the left: Coco Lounger and The Leaf We're moving up a weight class on bouncers, and looking at some heavier models designed for at home use.  In this round, Bloom returns to the ring with their Coco Lounger to face off against Nuna's Leaf.  Let's begin, shall we? THE BLOOM COCO LOUNGER: Featuring smooth, self rocking motion from your child's movements or from a little push, this curved single piece frame is fixed in one position but requires no assembly.  Optimized for newborn up to 26lbs, it's MDF-free with baby safe finishes and formaldehyde free adhesives.  Available in a variety of frame and seat pad colors, it's easy to customize to your space and the clean lines and easy styling speak for themselves. THE NUNA LEAF: No batteries, no cords, no noise, motion lasts unassisted for up to 2 minutes after first push on the Nuna Leaf designed to mimic the movement of a leaf on a breeze.  It's endurance tested up to a whopping 130lbs, so your kid should stay rocking for many years on the Leaf which itself only weighs 10.5 pounds and features an easy release mechanism to allow the seat to pop out of the base for easy storage or travel.  It's made from baby certified Oeko-Tex fabrics with mesh backing to provide little breezes as the Leaf rocks and an optional organic cotton insert.  It's angled in one, fixed position for play and nap and locks in place easily for feeding. You decided which of the lightweight bouncers came out on top in the comments in the last round, let's see who comes out on top in this round!  It's a rumble in the comments section and you're the ones calling the shots... -L.E.