We've put together a list of things to do this Mother's Day to celebrate! From booking a Chef to help you whip something up with Chef My Kitchen (which gives back to the restaurant industry to boot), to taking in a day of culture in the museums she's always trying to get you to go to; to kicking back in front of the TV with some of her fave snacks and watching 'Becoming', be sure to make the day as special as possible! Happy Mother's Day all you city Mamas!!!
  • Check out Chef My Kitchen and arrange that someone other than mom work with a chef to design a special meal using the ingredients in your home, for a donation to restaurant workers who were affected by COVID! A good cause and a great meal!
  • Tune into Becoming on Netflix and celebrate another great mama who always inspires!
  • Take a nice walk, facemasks on (not the fun kind) and get your fill of Vitamin D! We definitely all need it and it's an instant mood lifter!
  • Get dressed up and visit a virtual museum or two. Mom's alwyas trying to get you to get you culture fix! How about the Guggenheim Bilbao?
  • Take some great pictures together. Maybe a quick Masterclass with Annie Liebowitz first?
  • Get cozy, put on some great tunes (we're listening to An die Musik with a little Catnapp on the side after binge-watching Unorthodox) and spend some quality time together. We've all slowed down to a degree that we could have never imagined, so make sure we take advantage of this time together and make it a time to remember!