We are super excited to be debuting our new series Gamechangers, on Youtube, where we will be interviewing brands who are doing something so innovative that it literally changes the market around it! We start with the WayB Pico, a forward facing lightweight and portable car seat, that is incredibly helpful for city parents of toddler age kids! Geared toward kids 2years - 5 years, this chair replaces the large, heavy and cumbersome convertible car seats (which we still like for installation in your own primary car) for those get-around-town trips, taxis, Ubers and the like! We love the Astroknit fabric - so breathable, light and comfy, and the Aerograde aluminum means the frame is super strong yet again, super light!

Watch our convo with COO Tracy Liu, where she tells us the inspiration, the mission of the company and what makes the Pico so great.