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Now that it's summer-weather, we have to be even more careful about hydrating! But hydrating can be a bit boring, so we went on a search for some fun ways to fill up our S'well bottles! We know we can jazz up our beverage with a simple slice of lemon or lime, ginger, cucumber, watermelon or orange. If you want to amp it up further, we found some awesome and simple combos of fruits to infuse our water to a more interesting taste, as scouted on Culinary Hill :

Our favorites, depending on our mood

strawberry/basil/lemon - sweet and summery, but with an interesting edge

honeydew/cucumber/mint - ooh cucumber! So refreshing!

or pineapple/coconut/lime - this tropical option is perfect for sunny days

You can make a pitcher for the family and stick it in the fridge to keep the whole household hydrated or make them a la carte in your preferred waterbottle. 

 Read more hydrating ideas at Culinary Hill. Need an adorable reusable hydrator good for both parent or child? Look no further than S'well, everyone's favorite water bottle!

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