Choosing your nursery furniture is one of the most exciting points of the journey leading up to baby! First you should figure out your crib and changing table, as this is the ‘anchor’ for the room. Generally, designers offer companion pieces so that whites and woods match perfectly. (But that doesn’t mean that you have to keep them in sync, there are lots of options!) We love the modern furniture collections by Oeuf, Spot on Square, Bloom, Nurseryworks, Duc Duc Studio, Dutailier and Stokke, for instance, each giving their own style to a room.

(updated September 2021)

oeuf sparrow crib

Then there’s the glider, the other essential for a nursery. A new parent spends loads of time soothing and feeding the baby, so a comfy chair is a must-have. It can transition to a reading chair down the road.

Here are some of our top tips to guide you through the process!

Round or rectangular; Plain vanilla (and let the bedding/art/décor tell the story) or OMG!

Downtown NYC where we are is Loft-Land. That means you can see into a good deal of the apartment from wherever you stand This means your style should sync up throughout the house. (Not to mention, visitors often tour your whole pad, something they might not do in the suburbs). Keeping the flow, you’ll know what sort of style of furniture that works. We normally see that a plain white or wood can fit the bill quite nicely with clean lines and simple design. Then you can “tell the story” of the room with other things, like artwork, bedding, wallpaper and décor. Now the flip side is letting the crib tell the story. Enter: NurseryWorks. These standout cribs are sometimes acrylic, sometimes coated with 24K gold and sometimes mimicking the natural shape of the Oculus. Believe us: these are always standout.

Nurseryworks Vetro Mini Crib

If your budget allows, give them a look. Even if it doesn’t check them out – they’re like pieces of art.

Size Matters Most cribs are rectangular, as there is a rectangular “standard” crib mattress that fits nearly every crib sold in the US. Be sure you know that the crib you choose is “standard.” Anything from Spot on Square, Oeuf, and Dutailier are standard (right now), but for instance, Bloom offers the Alma Papa, a slightly smaller crib that has its own custom mattress, and Stokke offers its ever-popular ovular crib which can feel like a space saver in a tight space.

  Just keep in mind if you buck the “standard” crib size, you’ll need to get custom sized mattress and sheets throughout the life of the crib, as standard goods won’t fit snugly and properly.

Where’s it made & when can I get it?

You want to ensure that your dream nursery is as good as it looks. Many ask where it is made, preferring companies that manufacture in Europe or the United States than those made in Asia. There are no hard and fast rules (and China is a big country full of good & bad just like here!) but here’s the skinny. We love the Oeuf collection, as it is made in Europe (Latvia, to be exact) of sustainable materials. Everything they do seems to be thoughtful and representative of a good value system. Monte Design & Dutailier are another two brands, both made in Canada and are family owned companies. Monte is a whiz at gliders and beds (as well as other furniture!), and Dutailier makes some pretty cool cribs and dressers as well an array of uber comfortable recliners & gliders. The collection by Nurseryworks is generally made in the USA, and is stand-out in design. It’s also a bit pricier, but the designs are like works of art! DucDuc Studio is made closest of them all, in Connecticut!

  monte grano glider

The question of when is an important one in the world of baby. I mean, the baby is on his own schedule, and furniture will have to comply (or else you’ll be stressed and we definitely don’t want that). We’ve seen a good rule of thumb is to choose furniture that is in stock and in the United States. If it’s not in the US then find out if it’s “on the water”. If it’s on the water, you should have a pretty good gauge of arrival but remember, customs works on its own schedule and things can get stuck! It’s always good if you purchased something that’s not here in the US that you have a backup plan, just in case (a bassinet and changing pad/cover at the least!). Babesta “holds it til you need it” for free so that new parents can know that their chosen goods are here ad waiting, and they can direct their perfect timing! It can help sidestep the timing issue that “just in time” deliveries fall prey to. One we love if you need it quickly (and HUGE bonus, as we mentioned they're made in Connecticut!) is the DucDuc Studio line. These can ship in 3 days and are made of 100% hardwood. What's not to love there? 

duc duc studio line

Space Concerns (and easy ways to address a small room)

Got a small space? Join the club. The NYC problem is one we know well. First, you may want to start with a bassinet and graduate to a crib (keep your footprint as small as possible). The Alma Mini/Grow by Bloom is a good choice as it can be used for a year (the base goes down), whereas many bassinets can only be used for 6 months. Stokke too makes a bassinet-to-crib option that we love (but bassinet is only for 0-6 months, then you convert to the crib). 

stokke sleepi crib

Convertibility & Next Steps! Most cribs these days can be converted to a toddler bed when the time comes, by using a (separately purchasable) “toddler conversion kit”. This will turn the crib into a mini-bed with 4 low sides, like the adorable Oeuf Classic Crib with toddler conversion, or a day bed like the Oeuf Sparrow and the Spot on Square Roh Crib with toddler conversion.


And sometimes, the convertibility goes a step further! Case in point: Dutailier’s Pomelo 3-in-1 Crib System. With this choice, the crib not only converts to a toddler bed but also to a twin bed. This is great for families who want to make one choice for the room and be set til college! You guarantee if you purchased the 5 drawer dresser or 3 drawer dresser, that your set up has staying power an you never have to worry about matching later on.

White Glove Services (and more!)

When buying a crib, its nice to know you have a service that can put it together, take away the garbage and inspect. Babesta’s white glove service does just that. These items aren’t hard to assemble but it’s nice to have peace of mind of a professional. This, alongside of “hold it til you need it” service and the nursery journey is a snap. More Décor! Now that you’ve got your nursery, it’s time to round out the room with the perfect bedding (we love Auggie for sweet and Sack me for even sweeter (LOL), some décor items like artwork (how about Noodoll’s sweet posters) a Fiona Walker animal head, Miffy lighting or a Playforever or Baghera vehicle (a statement piece now, to be ridden later when baby is big enough).

Another nice perk for our local customers: Babesta’s At Home service gives locals the opportunity for a home visit where we can consult and try to help bring your dream nursery to fruition! If you're not in NYC, don't despair, we can arrange for a virtual consultation: A Room-Zoom!

OK, now you have the lay of the land! Get shopping (or registering) and be sure to take advantage of our unique services designed to make it easy for you. Remember, don’t lose your cool shopping for baby furniture. Babesta’s got your back!