We marched our L.O.V.E. golden balloons over to Brookfield Place to proudly display in the window of our store during NYC's Pride week. In light of recent national events we are part of Brookfield's #LoveWinsLoveLetters event. Today 10% of sales from our store will be donated to the Hetrick-Martin Institute, Ali Forney Center and Equality Florida. Each of the organizations help to benefit LGBTQ youth from the harms of homelessnes, to advocate against discrimination, and provide social supports. Babesta will be serving colorful rainbow cupcakes, wine & juice boxes. Take part in Love Wins Happy Hour + Silent Auction on Le District's outdoor terrace, where DVF, Burberry and Ferragamo will be participating. Don't miss the beautiful 3D "Love Wins" letters atop the stairs in the Winter Garden. Each of the 8 letters is jumbo sized and already stuffed with letters of a certain color; blue for serenity, red for love, yellow for spreading sunlight, etc...Stop by and add you or your child's best wishes! Brookfield's goal is to reach 25,000 letters by June 26th and they are well on their way!