There’s no artist more iconically American as Andy Warhol. His fixation on celebrity and consumer culture is well documented in his most known work, from the bright red Campbell’s Soup cans and green glass Coca Cola bottles to his bright colored negatives of Marilyn Monroe. The Whitney Museum’s new exhibit, Andy Warhol —from A to B and Back Again, opening this November will be the first comprehensive retrospective of the artist since 1989. The exhibit takes viewers through the different eras of Warhol to reveal new complexities of the cultural phenom best known for his indelible mark on Pop Art. Viewers may explore his commercial illustration of the 50s, experimental film of the 70s and painterly abstraction of the 80s. For the artist that famously quipped “art is what you can get away with,” he’s succeeded in ‘getting away’ with some of the most recognized works in history. November 12, 2018 —March 31, 2019, Whitney Museum.