With more time being spent at home for everyone in the household, gone are the days that the kitchen table is a workable solution for everyone. Babesta has some top picks of what you will need to level up your indoor space so that it fits the bill for school from home and Zoom playdates!

  oeuf brooklyn desk

‘Dorable Desk

First, you’ll need a great desk whether it be for a new coloring worksheet or an essay on current events. The Oeuf Brooklyn Desk is our favorite, as it’s height-adjustable, features convenient cubes for pens and pencils and features simple styling that will work in any home environment. Pair it with the chair of your choices and voila – the kitchen table is for eating again!

oeuf playtable

The Perfect Playtable

Virtual playdates or sibling fun is made easy on this modern Play Table by Oeuf. The simple white curved leg design features ample playspace, something we appreciate! But the real magic happens when you add the companion chairs – so whimsical in birch or walnut in rabbit and bear shapes. There are also colorful stickers (easy to put on and take off) to add an extra fun creative touch.

  vertical library oeuf

Spot On Storage

One of the most important things, with so many in the house 24/7, is storage. Whether it’s shelving (like the cute open Toy Storage by Oeuf) or storage bins, or even architectural closets, you’ll save yourself from chaos if you have the right spots to put things away.

  vertical library by oeuf

Oeuf's Vertical library features cubbies and open shelving and is narrow enough to fit in most rooms!

Alto storage

The Alto storage by Spot on Square has open shelves for books and objects and closed shelves with nice sliding doors.

  tree shelves by nw

How cute is the Tree Bookshelf by Nurseryworks, adding a modern yet natural touch to a room.

  pencil bin

Love the Pencil Bin by Lorena Canals - it's a great spot to store multipiece toys or even laundry in a kids room!

Feeling inspired to redecorate your interior? If you need any help be sure to reach out to a Babesta associate who can walk you thorugh inspiration and choices!

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