Yes, it goes without saying that if you’re a city parent, you’re always on the run. When that “on the run” is more literal than figurative, it’s time to consult the pros. Parent and baby fitness experts, Erica Taylor, who runs a Brooklyn outpost of Stroller Strides, and Melissa Paris and Anja Pierre who head up BYOBfit, shared their tips on running in the city, and dish on their favorite spots to expel that energy, lengthen those strides and breathe in the fresh spring air!

CENTRAL PARK - Erica Taylor, Stroller Strides

The Scene: Classic New York City. You’re right in the thick of things. “I run the main outside loop. If you want a real challenge, head for the hills, up to 110th street, running from the east to the west side.”

Après-Run: “The park on the Columbus Circle entrance is our favorite ending spot. It gives a great incentive to get through the run.”

 BROOKLYN BRIDGE PARK ALONG THE RIVER - Erica Taylor, Stroller Strides 

The Scene: Lots of families and lots of people running with strollers. Beautiful views of course!

Highlights: “It’s nice and flat and you can get a fast paced run here.”

Après-Run: Go to the carousel or play on the swings at Brooklyn Bridge Park. Get an ice cream!

ALONG THE EAST RIVER - Missy Paris & Anja Pierre, BYOBFIT

Route: From 20th Street to South Street Seaport and back—about 8 miles.

Highlights: It’s a super-scenic waterfront run—you pass 3 bridges, and it’s nice and breezy, keeping sweat to a minimum!


The Scene: There are a lot of bikes, so you have to be ready for that. Gorgeous views of the Hudson, beautiful sunsets, and lots of people walking, running or taking it all in from the lawn or the benches.

FYI: The 2nd annual Hudson Games are coming up this May. Also, look out for the ever-changing art exhibits and installations along the path! Après-Run: Pier 25 is a great spot to cool down, with its snack bar, water park, volleyball and soccer fields and chaise lounges perfectly perched to take in the view.



1. Make a goal, enlist a friend, or sign up for a race. It helps with motivation.

2. Always pack properly: Water, snacks and entertainment!

3. Be flexible: Even if baby gets fussy and you don’t get the whole workout done, the point is you got out there!

4. Get ready to engage new muscles and be more challenged. “I felt as if 2-3 miles with the stroller was like 5-6 miles without,” notes Taylor.

5. Pick a final destination to keep your toddler motivated to sit back and enjoy the ride. Everyone loves a prize at the end!

6. Know where the closest bathrooms are.

7. Not ready to jog? Try a stroller fitness class likeStroller Strides or BYOBfit, where you use your stroller in lunges, sprints and squats, while interacting with baby. For more information on getting fit: