July commences, the school year becomes a distant memory, and you began to juggle all those summer plans (when did these 2 months become so jammed pack). We are all for taking a step back and embracing the celebration that is July 4th, it is America's birthday after all! Keep the summer state of mind with our coolest picks for enjoying the party!

1. Ice Cream Pop Moulds - Ice cream makes any day better. Frozen treats are that much tastier when you make 'em!

2. Bubba Burger -  Have a mini grill master? Shake Shack, Bare Burger + Five Guys have nothing on this cheeseburger!

3. Geometric Collar Swimsuit - Dark color and geometric shapes are a standout in the sand, especially next to all the red, white and blue.

4.Karl Ketchup - Whatever your picnic food of choice you are gonna need some ketchup to go with it - especially the cute n' cuddly kind.

5. Inflatable Watermelon Ball -  Love how watermelon is the fruit of choice for hot and steamy days. Jump in the pool with this one and have a ball. 

6. Beach Sounds Radio - Every get together needs tunes! This adorable case lets you be the DJ - hook up  your phone inside.

7. Large Inflatable Swan - Choose your color of choice, put up your feet and let the water take you away. 

Not a major fan of crowd overload on your day off? Or maybe you need a detour from watching someone eat their 50th hotdog on Coney Island, then head to the southern borough. Rockaway! is the perfect compromise for an outing in between the barbecues and pool.On the shores of the Rockaways, German artist, Katharina Grosse, explores spray paint and landscapes in an outdoor exhibit by MoMA PS1. Literally bringing her paintings to life colliding street art and nature in this public art installation at Ft. Tilden.