Here are some of our favorite new décor items that will make amazing gifts this season, whether for baby, kid or you!

Snurk Living comforters

Snurk Living Bedding: This twin bedding is sure to set your child up to dream big dreams! Whether it's landing on the moon, swimming through the sea, managing a castle - the photo real sheets are a fun way to jazz up the bedroom. More styles can be found here.

Chirp Light Chrip speaker

Chirp Light & Alarm Clock and Jingoo Wireless Speaker: These are new by Daqi Concept and they have us madly in love! The modern bird alarm clock and speaker have a strong design sensibility while being practical and high tech. Chirp blends superior light & sound tech with traditional craftsmanship, being at once practical and aesthetic. It awakens you with gentle light and nature sounds. Jingoo blends ambient light and excellent sound quality again, with an aesthetically pleasing look. The speaker can be paired with your devices. The bird featured in these products is the White Hwamei, known as the bird of luck in Chinese folk tales. Shop Chirp at Babesta, $200.

lorena canales decor

Lorena Canals Washable Rugs & Décor: Lorena Canals is known for their amazing washable rugs, a must in any child's room. We love all of the additional decor items that can jazz up a nursery in no time! Come in to Babesta to check out all of the options (there are hundreds!)

  fiona walker decor items

Fiona Walker Wall Decor: Our fave wall decor company out of the U.K., Fiona Walker, has launched some new fun designs for the nursery or kids room. They've long been known for the traditional set of jungle animals (think tigers, lions, zebra and giraffe) but they've added some sweet brightly colored kites and arrows, as well as a refreshed color for the iconic elephant.

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