Native remix projectThere's nothing better than a company that not only makes great product but also makes the world a better place. Native shoes, creators of the pop colored anti-microbial light-as-air water shoes, seeks to control the whold lifecycle of their product, ensuring no waste. Dubbed the "Remix Project," after you have worn out your kicks (or outgrow them), you can send them back to Native and they will be Remixed with other shoes and get their second life as playground pavers or seating. Using their proprietary process, Native regrinds all styles of shoes into a colorful mix, sprinkles of hues evident a delightful reincarnation for community benefit in shared spaces. Babesta has partnered with Native as a collection location where you can drop off your old shoes for recycling. We're proud to be part of this movement of recycling and eco-consiousness. 

  Native Remix project

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