We have been asking for years for a solution for our city families who are left, once baby grows out of the infant car seat, to schlep a ginormous convertible seat around town, a feat best saved for a bodybuilder. At last, the folks at WayB have heard our call. We are thrilled to debut the Pico car seat, a 8lbs little beauty made of aero-grade aluminum or Astroknit performance mesh and wool blend that folds and can be worn as a backpack. Finally “light” is really light! This seat is forward facing only, so is best for ages 2+, and really makes this next stage in safety a breeze. The seat uses LATCH for installation or can be installed with the seatbelt. We love the classic convertible seats when you’re taking your own car, but if you’re hopping in taxis or Ubers, or are traveling (it’s FAA approved), the Pico is our top Pick! $320 in Jet and Ocean; Earth will be released in August. For kids 22-50lbs and 30-45 inches tall. Children must be a minimum of 1 year old but it’s recommended for 2 years+.